Table Topics

Since 1980, Table Topics has been making high quality custom table tops in the USA. Working almost exclusively with the hospitality industry, we have helped outfit the world’s finest restaurants and venues with tables and bar tops to suit the extraordinary, the refined, and the hometown tastes.

Our work in solid wood and veneer tables has remained strong but we have added a new product to our repertoire and are happy to announce that we can now print your illustrations directly onto real wood veneer. This technique allows us to print translucent images that reveal the glimmer and depth of natural wood beneath. In addition to natural veneers, we can also print onto burlap and a wide variety of faux stones. As we refine our printing process and research new technology, we look forward to bringing you more novel and exciting printable surfaces.

More than any other material we offer, our most significant development is Acralyte ©, our proprietary finish. With excellent chemical, scratch and heat resistance, Acralyte © consistently out performs epoxy, polyurethane and catalyzed conversion varnish tables. Our full filled Acralyte © finish gives you a thick resin look and is available in matte, satin, and gloss. Our thin, Acralyte © Lite finish looks gorgeous on solid woods and veneers; and is available in satin or matte. Acralyte © gives your tops a longer life span and over the years, produces a real cost savings compared with the wear and refinishing most tables experience.